Sunday, 12 November 2017

Benefit Cosmetics Christmas Range 2017

Hello everyone!

I am getting very excited from all of the recent Christmas ranges. I was only planning on doing blog posts on the Zoella products and LUSH products, but there are so many amazing products I want to share with you; so expect more of these posts in the coming weeks!

If you hadn't already guessed by the title of this post, today's blog post is dedicated to Benefit Cosmetics. I received one of the Benefit Christmas gifts last year and the packaging was really cute. Benefit have stepped it up a whole new level this year, and I am so excited about it:)

The Great BROWnanza! (£49.50):
The first set from Benefit is dedicated to brows, and comes in two different shade options. I am actually really excited about this set as I have been getting into a good brow routine recently. I love the Gimme Brow Gel, which is obviously included in this set, but I have never tried any of the other Benefit brow products. The value of the kit is over £105 too, and I think it is amazing that you can get it for under £50!

Beauty & The Bay (£34.50):
Next up we have Beauty & The Bay; and I must say that I love the name of this set! It contains High Beam, High Brow, They're Real Mascara and Hoola Bronzer. The They're Real Mascara and Hoola Bronzer are two of my favourite Benefit products of all time, so I would definitely recommend this set if you want to try some classic Benefit products out. 

Golden Gate Glam (£29.50):
This set comes in the form of a makeup palette and includes products that are perfect for everyday use. The palette consists of the They're Real Duo Shadow Blender in Brazen Bronze, Rockateur Mini and miniature versions of the Gimme Brow Gel, They're Real Mascara and They're Real Double The Lip in Lusty Rose. 

Eye Heart SF (£39.50):
All of the Benefit sets are really great because you get a whole host of products all for a discounted price. This set in particular is worth over £77, which I think is great considering it costs under £40 to purchase. In this set you get the They're Real Mascara, Goof Proof Brow Pencil in shade 3, Gimme Brow in shade 3, a miniature Porefessional and the They're Real Tinted Primer.

GALifornia Love (£24.50):
The GALifornia blusher launched this year and I am yet to try it. The shade looks perfect for Summer as it is a gorgeous peach shade which would give a lovely flush of colour to the cheeks. You also get a full sized Roller Lash Mascara and full sized Gimme Brow Gel alongside it too. 

Cable Car Cuties (£14.50):
If you are looking for an affordable stocking filler gift set then this would definitely be the way to go. This set comes in at under £15 and includes three miniature products; Porefessional, Rockateur and Gimme Brow. Miniature products can be really useful if you are wanting to try new products but you don't want to purchase the full sized versions in case you don't like them. They are also really good for taking travelling or throwing in your handbag if you don't have a lot of space to spare. 

Hello, San FrancisGLOW (£19.50):
If you like the highlighted look then this gift set would be perfect for you. I personally love a good highlight and I would love to try the Dandelion Twinkle highlighter which Benefit recently released. This is another palette-type product which includes Dandelion Shy Beam, Dandelion Twinkle, High Beam and Watt's up. 

City Lights, Party Nights (£24.50):
This is another little set which I have on my wish list. I love sets that include makeup bags as you can reuse them, and this one is particularly pretty too. The kit contains a Precisely My Brow Pencil in the shade 3, Dandelion Twinkle mini, They're Real Double The Lip in Nude Scandal and a They're Real Mascara miniature. I have wanted to try the Benefit lip products for a while now and Nude Scandal looks like my type of shade:)

Glam Francisco (£39.50):
Glam Francisco contains four best selling Benefit products. You can also reuse the tins that the gift sets come in, and store whatever you want in them. I'm actually gutted that I threw away the tins I got last year as I really could use them for storage at the minute. The four items in the set are: Hoola Bronzer, Gimme Brow in shade 3, Watt's Up! and They're Real Mascara.

Head Over Hills (£39.50):
I can't believe how many different products there are in the 2017 Christmas range, I don't think there were as many gift sets last year! I love when brands release lots of sets though because it means that there is a lot of variation depending on people's preferences. Head Over Hills includes a full sized They're Real Mascara, full sized Porefessional Primer, full sized Hoola Bronzer and miniature Gimme Brow.

BAY-balicious! (£29.50):
BAY-balicious is the third palette style item in the Christmas range. This time the palette includes the They're Real Shadow Blender in Beyond Nude, They're Real Mascara, They're Real Double The Lip in Lusty Rose, Gimme Brow in shade 3 and a High Beam mini. 

B.right! by the Bay (£39.50):
Finally, there is only one skincare themed set this year and it's called B.right! by the Bay. I have tried a few bits of the Benefit skincare before and I really enjoyed it, so I will definitely be adding this to my wish list too. In the set there is a full sized Browvo! conditioning eye brow primer, full sized Total Moisture face cream, miniature It's Potent! eye cream and miniature Instant Comeback facial serum. 

Will you be treating yourself to any of the Benefit Christmas sets this year? I know I will!

Shop this post: The Great BROWnanza! (£49.50) // Beauty & The Bay (£34.50) // Golden Gate Glam (£29.50) // Eye Heart SF (£39.50) // GALifornia Love (£24.50) // Cable Car Cuties (£14.50) // Hello, San FrancisGLOW (£19.50) // City Lights, Party Nights (£24.50) // Glam Francisco (£39.50) // Head Over Hills (£39.50) // BAY-balicious! (£29.50) // B.right! by the Bay (£39.50) 

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Emily xo

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Zoella Beauty Christmas Range 2017

Hello everyone!

It is getting to that time of year when there are a lot of exciting new product releases for Christmas starting to appear in shops. Over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing with you some of my favourite beauty releases specifically for Christmas.

Today I am going to be sharing all of the items in the new Zoella Beauty 2017 Christmas range. I am absolutely in love with the packaging of this range, and I am also obsessed with the creative names of everything too.

Winter Wonderhand (£6.00):
Winter Wonderhand, if you couldn't already tell, is a handcream! I love the Zoella hand cream that was released last year and it is an absolute life saver in the Winter, which is when my hands get very dry and dehydrated. 

Snow Balmy Lip Balm Duo (£7.00):
This is a lip balm duo which consists of two star shaped lip balms- enriched with peony and mint. 

All Four You Mini Body Mist Set (£16.00):
I was a big fan of the miniature body mist set that was released last year and Zoe has released a brand new set this year! This time round the set contains Blissful Mistful, Snowella, Bake My Day and Gelateau. 

I'm Dreaming Of A Bath Filled With Bubbles (£14.00):
This gift set is perfect for a cosy night in as it has everything you need to pamper yourself. The set is reasonably priced, and consists of the following: Snow Bubbly Bubble Bath, Snow Silky Body Lotion, exfoliating mitts and a really cute bow headband. 

Snowella Fragrance Set (£14.00):
The new body mist for Christmas 2017 is called Snowella, which was actually Zoe's name on Twitter last Christmas! You can purchase the fragrance separately or you can get it in a gift set with the corresponding Snow Silky body lotion. 

Brew Me A Bath (£14.00):
Brew Me A Bath is probably one of my favourite sets from the Christmas range. This set contains the Splash Of Milk bath milk powder as well as the Brew Me A Bath tea bags. I have never used tea bags in the bath but these seem really intriguing, so I will definitely have to try them out!

Snowella Body Mist (£12.00):
If you don't fancy the Snowella fragrance set which also contains a body lotion then you can also buy a 100ml bottle of the body mist separately. 

You're Cracking (£12.00):
I love little gift sets that are in cracker form. The You're Cracking set includes three miniature sized Zoella products which are described as 'bathing essentials'. 

Sprarry Night Set (£11.00):
First of all I absolutely love the name of this set; it is one of my personal favourites! Sparry Night includes a body polish and body butter. The products are infused with peony, mint and cranberry. I haven't smelt any of the products in this range yet but I can only imagine how amazing they smell:)

Merry & Bright Bath Soak (£10.00):
Merry & Bright is a gorgeous shimmering bubble bath which comes in a very Tumblr-looking glass jar. I am a sucker for packaging and I think that this would look great on the side of the bath tub!

We're On A Roll Roller ball Set (£9.00):
Roller ball fragrances are so handy because you can throw them in your handbag or take them travelling. I can't believe that you get three roller ball fragrances in this set, all for just £9. I will definitely be stocking up on these because I can see myself using these all year round.

Snow Relaxed Bath Fizzers (£8.00):
There was obviously going to be some sort of bath fizzer in the range as Zoella has released bath fizzers in every new collection of hers. Last year the bath fizzers were gingerbread man shaped, and this year they are in the shape of snowflakes. These have shea butter in them so they are really moisturising for the skin too. 

A Winter Soiree Set (£16.00):
I love the little bag that comes with this set as it looks perfect for popping in your handbag with all of your makeup essentials in. The bag contains the Snowella roller ball fragrance as well as a hand cream.

No Peeking Gift Set (£30.00):
The second most expensive item in the range is the No Peeking gift set; which consists of a stocking and three miniature products. The stocking is so cute and I love the faux fur trim that it has.  

Treasure Me Gift Set (£40.00):
Last but not least; there is the Treasure Me gift set. This set is packed full with 8 amazing products, all from the Snowella range. This would be an amazing gift for someone who is a big fan of Zoella Beauty; or just beauty in general. This is definitely going to be going on my Christmas wish list too! 

Are you excited about the Zoella Beauty Christmas range? Will you be purchasing any of the products?!

Shop this post: Winter Wonderhand (£6.00) // Snow Balmy (£7.00) // All Four You (£16.00) // I'm Dreaming Of A Bath Filled With Bubbles (£14.00) // Snowella Fragrance Set (£14.00) // Brew Me A Bath (£14.00) // Snowella Fragrance Mist 100ml (£12.00) // You're Cracking (£12.00) // Sparry Night Set (£11.00) // Merry & Bright Bath Soak (£10.00) // We're On A Roll (£9.00) // Snow Relaxed Bath Fizzers (£8.00) // A Winter Soiree Set (£16.00) // No Peeking (£30.00) // Treasure Me (£40.00)

Until next time,
Emily xo 

Sunday, 5 November 2017

My Favourite Winter Lip Picks

Hello everyone!

We are now getting into the Winter season, and that means only one thing... it's finally time to bring the dark lip colours out! I absolutely love a dark lip towards the end of the year and today I am going to be sharing my favourites.

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick in Vixen:
My first Winter lip pick is the Kylie Cosmetics Vixen liquid lipstick. This is from Kylie's Holiday collection (but is now available in her permanent collection!) and I own the Vixen lip liner as well as a full sized lipstick and miniature lipstick. Vixen is a very dark plum shade, and it's perfect for the Christmas period. All of Kylie's liquid lipsticks, including this one, have a very runny formula. This shade especially is very pigmented and applies smoothly onto the lips. I would say it takes about 20 seconds for the lipstick to dry fully and it feels lightweight on the lips. 

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in Addiction:
This Revlon lipstick is a really pretty mauve purple shade. The formula of this liquid lip is a lot thicker than the Kylie liquid lip, but the application is just as smooth. Again, this lipstick feels really comfortable on the lips and it doesn't leave my lips feeling like prunes! These lipsticks smell really nice too:) 

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous:
This lipstick is an absolute classic, I used to wear this ALL of the time a few years ago. This is one of my favourite MAC lipsticks. I will admit that this lipstick isn't as creamy as some of the other matte formulas, but it is a matte so they can be quite drying anyway. I would say that you definitely need to exfoliate and moisturise your lips before applying this lipstick as it does cling to dry patches. Other than that, this is a really nice cool toned fuchsia shade, and it's matte which is my all time favourite lipstick finish. 

MAC Milan Mode Lipstick:
I think that this lipstick was either my first or second MAC purchase, and I still love it to this day. I love using this lipstick as a topper on another lipstick, usually Flat Out Fabulous. Milan Mode does have a lot of shimmer to it and is a sheer plum shade. I am not a huge fan of shimmery lipsticks but this looks SO pretty on top of a matte lipstick. 

I Heart Makeup Lip Geek Lipstick in Totally NOT Boring:
I Heart Makeup is a great brand which I have been using for a long time. I have collected their Lip Geek lipsticks for a while now, although I don't get as much use from them as I would like to. One of my favourite shades from their line of lipsticks is Totally NOT Boring, and that is exactly how to describe the shade! This is a gorgeous fun plum shade and glides on the lips really smoothly. Although it may not be a matte finish, which is my usual lipstick finish of choice, I still love this lipstick and will continue to love it. 

KIKO Smart Lipstick in 914:
I have been a fan of the KIKO Smart Lipstick range for a year or so now, and this shade is definitely my favourite. Just like the other lipsticks I have mentioned in this post, shade 914 is a gorgeous purple shade. I do like to set this lipstick with a translucent powder, such as the Kat Von D Lock It Loose Powder, as I do prefer it when it's matte. I haven't had a problem with these lipsticks wearing off quickly, and I love this one especially as it leaves a nice tint to the lips. 

Collection Deluxe Lipstick in Prohibition:
This lipstick is a little different to the other ones I have mentioned in this post as it is more of a red shade, whereas all of my other favourites are true purple berry shades. Prohibition applies smoothly and doesn't need building up too much to give an intense look. This lipstick is so creamy that it doesn't ever fully set, which can be a problem as that means it can have a tendency to smudge. Apart from that, however, this is a lovely shade perfect for the festive period. 

Soap & Glory Matte Lip Crayon in Berry Much:
My final favourite Winter lip pick is this Soap & Glory crayon. As the name suggests, this is a berry shade. I love this as it is a matte lipstick and is so pigmented! One swipe of this lipstick is gorgeous and I love that even when my lips are dry and cracked it doesn't emphasise that. The bullet shape means that you can apply this precisely. The only downside is that you don't get a great deal of product, as I touched on when I first got this lipstick, but I can totally repurchase this as it was really affordable. 

Leave a comment if you would like to see my favourite Winter eye shadow picks! 

Until next time,
Emily xo

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Perfect Autumn Eye Shadows Take 2 | Morphe 25A Copper Spice Palette

Hello everyone!

In today's blog post I am going to be reviewing the gorgeous Morphe Copper Spice eye shadow palette as well as sharing with you swatches of all of the shades. I think that this palette is perfect for Autumn/Winter as it contains a lot of warm toned eye shadow shades.

All of the shadows have great pigmentation. The shades are really soft and buttery too which means they blend out perfectly on the eyes. The fourth row of the palette is all very shimmery shadows, and I LOVE them! These shades are some of the most pigmented shades in the whole palette, and they can be used wet for increased intensity.

I am now going to share swatches of all of the shades:)

I hope that you all enjoyed reading this blog post! Have you tried out this amazing palette?

Shop this post: Morphe 25A Copper Spice Palette (£19.00)

Until next time,
Emily xo 

*This palette was kindly gifted to me by the lovely Charlotte from Charlotte's Picks!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

A Quick LUSH Haul!

Hello everyone!

I couldn't resist popping into LUSH at the weekend and treating myself to a few products. I only got five things and I am actually quite proud of how well I managed to control myself and not buy one of everything from the store! October to December is definitely my favourite period to shop for LUSH products as I always love the Halloween and Christmas ranges, everything just smells so good.

Bewitched Bubble Bar (£4.25):
The first product that I picked up is from the Halloween range, and it's the Bewitched Bubble Bar. The whole design of this bubble bar is really cute as it's a black cat- and I love cats! I love sweet scented products and I love fruity scented products, and this is just the perfect mix of the two. It is blackberry scented but also has a sweetness to it. 

Pumpkin Bath Bomb (£4.25):
The second, and last, item I got from the Halloween range is the Pumpkin Bath Bomb. The scent of this bath bomb was very unexpected, but I love it nonetheless. I was expecting this to have quite a heavy spice scent to it, but it is not like that at all. It does have an underlying spicy scent to it but it is prominently sweet. I actually think that this smells like a sweet shop in a bath bomb, I bet it would taste delicious if it was edible haha!

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (£3.25):
This bubble bar is such a classic that I purchase year after year. I have talked about this on my blog so many times because it smells like a dream. The scent of the bubble bar is very sweet so it can be really hit or miss for a few people, but it's a definite hit in my book:)

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb (£4.50):
I never really know how to describe the scent of this bath bomb but this is another Christmas product which I have been buying for years now. The bath bomb has lots of different lovely colours so it is definitely not boring on that front. The scent isn't really strong from this bath bomb so it definitely isn't overpowering; you can't go wrong with Luxury Lush Pud in my opinion. 

Brightside Bubble Bar (£4.95):
Finally, the last item that I bought is the Brightside Bubble Bar. This is from the permanent LUSH collection and I also mentioned it in my all year round LUSH favourites post which you can read here. Brightside is the perfect morning bubble bar as it has a very zesty scent to it which is very uplifting and really wakes you up.

I hope that you enjoyed finding out what I bought in LUSH! What was your most recent LUSH purchase?

Shop this post: Bewitched Bubble Bar (£4.25) // Pumpkin Bath Bomb (£4.25) // Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (£3.25) // Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb (£4.50) // Brightside Bubble Bar (£4.95)

Until next time,
Emily xo

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